Presence & Location
Real-time, advanced, location-based analytics for live environments

Bring the ‘HEAT’

Our Presence & Location software ‘HEAT’ improves overall security, identifies the presence of devices, and pinpoints the location of their owners as they arrive at and transit through our customers’ physical space. It supports the broadest range of location sensors, including location feeds from existing WiFi networks and overlay WiFi/bluetooth sensors, which improves accuracy, reduces cost and eliminates problems with MAC randomisation. ‘HEAT’ consolidates location feeds, supplements the data with feeds from video-based head counting and facial recognition systems, then records the information as time-stamped data in the ‘Wildfire’ big data lake.

‘When a mall operator uses advanced analytics to select tenants, optimize mall layout, and determine rents, its revenues can rise by 20 percent’

McKinsey&Company, ‘Boosting mall revenues through advanced analytics’, January 2019

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Cross Shopping and Customer Journeys

Here we show how to segment customer journeys from department to department, it also offers a view of where customers have come from before arriving at a department and where they went after.





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