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What is Wildfire?

Wildfire is our technology platform that provides us with the tools to bring digital solutions to your physical spaces. It hosts a suite of products that uses the tie between people and their mobile devices to gather data and intelligence in order to drive engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver enhanced return on investment.

Wildfire helps to convert unknown web visitors and passers-by into known and opted-in physical visitors and satisfied customers. It drives first time and repeat visits, and empowers changes in the physical and virtual space which help convert visits into ROI.

The Wildfire product suite includes modules that help build digital real estate, onboard devices onto networks, identify and profile customers, locate people, and analyse their movements through physical spaces. It gathers and enriches customer data and merges it with data from existing sources such as POS, CRM, and ERP systems, and uses this data to drive rich omni -hannel engagements throughout the customer life cycle, both on and off the property.

Wildfire maintains engagement through push messaging, newsletters, websites, and smartphone apps that host a wealth of rich content like movies, TV programs, games and way-finding.

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We’re a company founded with the vision to make our world better connected.

We work with organisations large and small to take full advantage of digital spaces, to eliminate boundaries, physical and virtual, and to reimagine customer experiences. 

Summed up, we’re here to make spaces digital.